Knox Krypton 5600 – 4Kw Hybrid Inverter with Dual Output

Knox Krypton5600 4kw hybrid Solar Inverter Infini V4 Price In Pakistan, With Dual Output, Smart Load Option, Single Phase, Built in Wifi.

Knox Krypton 8000

Knox 4Kw Inverter Price:

The Knox 4kw inverter price in Pakistan is PKR 165,000 but we are selling at discounted price Rs.150000 on PRE-BOOKING. If you want to buy more then one unit please feel free to call us now @ 0318-5320001.

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Available on June 10, 2024


Knox Krypton 5600 hybrid solar inverter recently introduced in pakistan, Its an affordability hybrid solar inverter with IP 21 protection. With dual outputs, it support all types of latest PV modules like canadian 635w, HJT 700W+, Jinko N Type, Longi Himo 6 and Longi Himo 7 Bificial. Knox 4kw inverter is based on voltronic power and price is very affordable as compared to other local and international brands.

You can use this inverter as off-gird, on-grid 4kw inverter with the grid feed-in option. Krypton 5600 has big 4inch RGB configurable smart light, provide you battery, pv, wapda and load status and energy conditions. Knox 4kw VM IV inverter work with  lithium batteries and fluid batteries, this inverter can run your home load smoothly during load shading.

Control your inverter from your smartphone, anytime, anywhere using smartESS app.

This inverter is best for 3kw solar system in pakistan / 4kw solar system in pakistan/ 5 kw solar system in pakistan

Knox 4kw Inverter Features:

Knox Krypton 5600 4 Kw hybrid inverter an easy-to-install, dual output, and 24 volt battery solution.


Effortless Installation:

Knox Krypton 5600 inverter is engineered for seamless installation, streamlining the setup process for users. With standard tools, it can be swiftly and effectively installed, minimizing installation time and effort.

Smart Load Management with Dual Outputs: Featuring dual outputs, our inverter enables intelligent load management. It efficiently distributes power among various loads, optimizing energy utilization and ensuring smooth operation for connected devices and appliances.

Increased PV Input Current to 27A: Our inverter supports a maximum photovoltaic (PV) input current of up to 27A, facilitating the connection of solar panels with higher current output. This capability boosts power generation from sunlight, enhancing overall system performance.

Wide Range of PV Input Voltage (90VDC ~ 450VDC): Designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of PV input voltages, ranging from 90VDC to 450VDC, our inverter ensures compatibility with diverse solar panels and configurations. This flexibility enhances the versatility of the system.

Status Indication through RGB Lights: Equipped with RGB lights for status indication, our inverter provides clear feedback on its operational status. This feature enables users to monitor performance effortlessly and promptly identify any potential issues.

Convenient Mobile Monitoring with Built-in Wi-Fi: Our inverter comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling convenient mobile monitoring via a dedicated app available for both Android and iOS devices. Users can remotely access real-time data, adjust settings, and ensure optimal performance with ease.


Reliable Features:

USB On-the-Go Support: With USB On-the-Go (OTG) functionality, our inverter facilitates direct communication and data transfer between USB devices without requiring a computer. This feature offers convenient connectivity options for various devices, enhancing usability.

Battery-Independent Design: Engineered to operate independently of batteries, our inverter relies solely on available solar energy input. This design eliminates the need for additional batteries, simplifying system setup and reducing overall costs.

Configurable AC/PV Output Usage Timer and Prioritization: Users can configure our inverter to prioritize either AC or PV output usage based on specific time intervals using the built-in timer function. This flexibility allows for optimized energy consumption according to user preferences and requirements.

Seamless Integration with BMS: Featuring a reserved communication port supporting RS485, CAN-BUS, or RS232 protocols, our inverter seamlessly integrates with Battery Management Systems (BMS). This enables efficient communication and control between the inverter and external monitoring or control systems.

Ease of Maintenance with Replaceable Fan Design: Our inverter boasts a replaceable fan design for hassle-free maintenance and servicing. Should the fan malfunction or wear out, it can be easily replaced without extensive disassembly, minimizing downtime and ensuring continued reliability.


User-Friendly Features:

Compatibility with AC Inputs: As a single-phase inverter, it integrates seamlessly with both utility (WAPDA) and generator inputs, ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply even during grid outages.

Built-in Anti-Dust Kit: Equipped with a built-in anti-dust kit, our inverter is safeguarded against environmental contaminants, prolonging its lifespan and maintaining optimal performance.

Direct DC Output for Various Devices: Featuring a built-in DC output port, our inverter allows direct connection to DC-powered devices such as fans, LED bulbs, routers, and other compatible appliances. This eliminates the need for separate DC power supplies, simplifying installation and improving system efficiency.

Parallel Operation Capability: Our inverter supports parallel operation with up to 6 units, enabling multiple inverters to work together to meet higher power demands. This capability enhances system capacity and redundancy, particularly in large-scale installations, ensuring reliable performance.


Download Knox Krypton 5600-4kw Inverter Datasheet


The mentioned price of this Solar inverter is subject to change due to currency exchange rates so please confirm the price via whats app +923185320001 before placing order.


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