Inverex Nitrox 3KW

  • Size: 330W X 559.5H X 228D
  • Battery Type: Lead -Acid OR Li-ion
  • Transfer Time: 4 Ms
  • Cooling: Smart Cooling
  • Noise: 30 db
  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Type:  Hybrid Solar Inverter

Inverex nitrox 3kw hybrid Solar Inverter Price In Pakistan, With Dual Output, Smart Load Option, Single Phase, Built in Wifi.

Inverex Nitrox 3Kw Inverter Price:

The Inverex Nitrox 3kw price in Pakistan is PKR 265,000 but we are selling at discounted price Rs.255000. If you want to buy more then one unit please feel free to call us now @ 0318-5320001.

How to Buy?

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Inverex Nitrox 3 KW 24V Single Phase Price in Pakistan is PKR. 245,000 as of Jan 2024.

Model Name: Nitrox Hybrid 3 KW 24V

Width: 330mm
Height 559.5m
Depth: 228mm
Weight: 11.4Kgs

Battery Configurations:
Type: Lead-acid or Li-ion
Voltage Rang(V): 20-30
Max. Charging Current(A): 140
Max. Discharging Current (A): 140
External Temperature Sensor: Optional
Charging Curve: 3 Stages/Equalization
Charging Strategy for Li-Ion Battery: Self-adaption to BMS

PV String Input Data:
Max. DC Input Power(W): 4000W
Rated PV Input Voltage (V): 370 (125-500)
Start-Up Voltage (V): 125
MPPT Voltage Range (V): 150-425
Full Load DC Voltage Range (V): 300-425
PV Input Current (A): 13A
Max. PV ISC (A): 17A
No. of MPPT/Strings per MPPT: 1/1

AC Output Data:
Rated AC Output and UPS Power(W): 3000
Max. AC Output Power (W): 3300
AC Output Rated Current (A): 13.6/13A
Max. AC Current (A): 15/14.3A
Max. Continues AC Passthrough (A): 35
Peak Power (Off Grid): 2 times of rated power, 10 S
Power Factor: 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging
Output Frequency and Voltage: 50/60 Hz, 220V/187V-242V, 230V/195.5V-253V
Grid Type: Single Phase
DC Injection Current(mA): THD<3% (Liner load <1.5%) Efficiency Max. Efficiency: 97.6% Euro Efficiency: 96.5% MPPT Efficiency: >99%
Transfer Time: 4ms

Integrated: PV Arc Fault Dedication, PV Input Lighting Protection, Anti-islanding Protection, Surge Protection, Over Current Protection

Certification and Standards:
Grid Regulation: EN50549, AS4777.2, VDEO126, IEC61727, VDEN4105, G99, NBT32004
Safety EMC/Standard: IEC62109-1/-2, EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3, EN61000-6-4

Operating Temperature Range (◦C): -45◦-60◦C, >45◦C derating
Cooling: Smart cooling
Noise(dB): <30dB
Communication with BMS: RS485; CAN
Protection Degree: IP65
Installation Style: Wall-Mounted
Warranty: 5 Years


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